Salvatore Morelli

Visiting Fellow


Salvatore holds a D.Phil in Economics at the University of Oxford, completed in October 2013, and held a position of post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Studies of Economics and Finance (CSEF) in Naples until May 2016. As “Guido Cazzavillan” Research Fellow (June 2016 – May 2017) he will be visiting the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford, and the Department of Economics at University of California Berkeley.

His research to date has:

·         Investigated the distributional effect of banking crises and major macro-economic crises, with particular reference to top income groups,

·         Examined the empirical and theoretical foundations of the view that inequality may contribute to a macroeconomics or financial crisis.

·         Examined the evolution and measurement of several dimensions of economic inequality over time for a series of countries using a new database – the Chartbook of Economic Inequality  <>  (with A B Atkinson)

 In his current research projects he is focusing on the estimation of wealth concentration. In particular, he is applying  the so called inverted-mortality multipliers method, on estate data reported for inheritance tax purposes, to two different projects for the estimation of the evolution of wealth inequality in Italy (with P. Acciari e F. Alvaredo) and in the UK (with F Alvaredo  and A B Atkinson)