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The curriculum development project was created in response to widespread discontent among students, employers and university teachers about the traditional economics curriculum. The Curriculum in Open-access Resources in Economics (CORE) programme is a new approach to economics teaching for undergraduates that is closing three gaps: 

  1. The gap between what economists now know and what we teach undergraduates;
  2. The gap between the questions we are being pressed to answer by the public (including the questions that brought students into our classrooms) and the often-unrelated content of our curriculum; and,
  3. The gap between conventional text-and-lecture methods and available low-cost, individualised and interactive learning technologies.  

The project's first milestone will be the creation of a new first-year undergraduate 'Introduction to Economics' course, to be piloted in participating universities during 2014-2015. The programme will produce open access on-line resources, including e-book course material for students with interactive content including diagrams, data and videos. Instructors will be encouraged to adapt the materials to their local needs.

CORE is a collaboration amongst dozens of researchers and students from across the world and is led by Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics at University College London, and a Visiting Professor of Economics at Oxford.

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