Past Event

CRISIS Review Meeting - Brussels

The objectives of the review are, in particular, to establish:

  • the degree of fulfillment of the project work plan for the period,
  • the degree of fulfillment of the deliverables as described in Annex I,
  • the degree of achievement of the project objectives as described in Annex I,
  • the plan for using and disseminating the foreground knowledge,
  • the management aspects of the project,
  • the necessity of the resources that the contractors have employed,
  • whether costs incurred by the project are economic and necessary for its ?implementation,
  • the likelihood of the project achieving the results, objectives and overall impact ?originally foreseen, taking into account ongoing technological advances in the field, changing market needs & trends and continued relevance of project to Programme objectives.


25 November 2013 -

Complexity Economics