Past Event

INET Researcher Seminar: Ernesto Carrella, Complexity - "Fitting and Controlling Agent Based Models, a worked example"

Abstract: In this talk I'd like to go through a few "advanced" topics in agent-based modelling and apply them in turn to a simple model of fisheries. 
First we will examine control in agent-based models. I will first introduce policy optimization in the context of open loop control, then closed loop control and move finally into policy discovery through reinforcement learning.
Second I will describe the techniques we are currently using to take the model to the data and in particular to fit behavioural parameters of the agent-based model with respect to macro and micro-patterns by indirect inference.


09 February 2017 15:00 - 16:30


INET Oxford

Eagle House, Walton Well Road, Oxford, OX2 6ED

Complexity Economics