George Soros to visit INET Oxford

When Eric Beinhocker met with GS a couple of weeks ago in Budapest he was clear that he did not want to do a detailed review of INET Oxford - that is something that Rob Johnson, Anatole Kaletsky and Jason Shure did this past June and reported to him on the results which he was happy with. What he wants out of this meeting is to dig into the substance of issues that he is personally interested in. Thus we've arranged the programme as follows:

- He is very keen to understand how his ideas of reflexivity might be formalised and modelled and would like to spend time with Doyne, Rob and relevant post-docs learning more about agent-based modelling, the CRISIS project, Doyne's Reality Game, etc. so that is scheduled for the morning at EH.

- Then David he is keen to get an update on EMoD's work, modelling structural breaks, work on forecasting, inequality, and other work that you think might be relevant to his interests. That is scheduled for after his lunch break and will be at the Martin School building in the Old Indian Institute.

- We thought it would be important to give him an overview of the new programmes in Curriculum and Sustainability with Wendy and Cameron - topics he is interested in. That is scheduled after the EMoD session and I'll also give him a brief update on Ethics (David is in Australia) which he was very interested in last time.

- Lastly, Ian would like to show him around the renovated Martin School building and brief him on the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations and that is scheduled for the final session.

There is then a dinner that evening at Balliol that the Blavatnik School is hosting in honour of GS's endowment of the Paul Collier.

The Journal of Economic Methodology is doing a special issue on reflexivity coming out in Dec. GS has written the lead essay and then 12 scholars from economics and philosophy of social science have written their own contributions. They might make useful background reading as these topics are very much on GS's mind and were the subject of a very productive workshop with GS and many of the journal contributors at CEU the other week.