Well-designed energy policy can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save consumers money, and spur innovation. Poorly designed policy fails on some, or all, counts. And bad policy is the far more prevalent type. There is no way to solve the climate problem without reforming energy policy, but this must be done with care and intelligence.

On October 6, 2014 Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC, gave an INET Oxford seminar on the differences between good and bad energy policy. He highlighted mechanisms that stimulate technology innovation, drive new technologies down their price curve, and promote system optimization. He also discussed how to get the maximum progress from limited political bandwidth. And he argued that a transformation to a low-carbon energy system can be faster and less expensive than most realize.

The video of Mr. Harvey's talk and Q&A is below.

Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology, LLC