The Institute for New Economic Thinking's upcoming workshops entitled "Extending the Economics of Innovation," will be held in New York City, on November, 18th, 2013, and Menlo Park CA, November 20th, 2013, respectively. The innovation economy begins with discovery, culminates in speculation, and progresses through trial and error. Given the inescapable uncertainty of the returns from investment in innovation, such investments historically have depended on sources of funding relatively unconcerned with the narrow calculus of economic value: financial speculators and institutions of the state. The Institute workshops will explore four themes that will contribute to defining a new research program: the role of the state, the role of financial speculation, the locus of innovation as between new firms and established enterprises, and the distributional content and consequences of innovation. The Institute for New Economic Thinking is focused on identifying pervasive flaws in existing economic paradigms and promoting new interdisciplinary avenues for research. The objective of these workshops is to provide the basis for fruitful collaborations around the innovation economy that go beyond the traditional approaches championed in neo-classical economics.