Humanity’s race with itself involving possible dematerialisation is a strategically essential contest to understand for management of the environmental consequences of consumption.

In this lecture, technological change expert and materials scientist, Chris Magee, Professor at the Institute for Data, Systems and Society at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will discuss the current evidence about how this race is unfolding. He also discusses an explicit model for technological change that shows a “double-edged sword” behaviour for technology. The synthesis considers both the economic and technological aspects of environmental impact over time and suggests possible avenues for policy.

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About the speaker

Professor Christopher L. Magee (PhD, MS, MBA, BS) has been with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for 17 years but earlier spent more than twice that time at Ford Motor Company first doing fundamental scientific research, and then doing and managing various other aspects of the spectrum of activities involved in technological change (applied research, product development, systems architecting, merged applied/fundamental research, computational engineering, manufacturing development, etc.). Most of his research at MIT has involved measuring, modeling and predicting technological change and its social impact.