Title Date
No. 2019-03 - What is the Minimal Systemic Risk in Financial Exposure Networks?
No. 2019-02 - Transformational Change: Parallels for addressing climate and development goals
Building upon foundations for evidence-based policy
Forecasting: An essential introduction
Sensitive intervention points in the post-carbon transition
Intergenerational class mobility in Europe: A new account
Residential income segregation: A behavioral model of the housing market
Best reply structure and equilibrium convergence in generic games
No. 2018-03 - Economic Complexity and the Green Economy
Card forecasts for M4
Mariana Mazzucato: The value of everything: rediscovering purpose in the economy
Interpreting economic complexity
No. 2019-01 - What you do at work matters: New lenses on labour
No. 2018-12 - Is Natural Capital Really Substitutable?
Long-run dynamics of the U.S. patent classification system
No. 2018-17- Steering the climate system: an extended comment
No. 2018-16 - Pigou pushes preferences: decarbonisation and endogenous values
Perpetual learning and apparent long memory
A more powerful subvector Anderson-Rubin test in linear instrumental variables regression
Home is where the ad is: online interest proxies housing demand
No. 2018-07 - People do not adapt to income changes: A re-evaluation of the dynamic effects of (reference) income on life satisfaction with GSOEP and UKHLS data
Pass-Through as a Test for Market Power: An Application to Solar Subsidies
No. 2018-15 - The Drivers of Inequality in Rich Countries
How useful and reliable is a simplified perspective on Technological Change?
Generating Prosperity for Working Families in Affluent Countries