Title Date
The EU and Social Inclusion: Facing the Challenges
Overconfident investors in the LLS agent-based artificial financial market
Using Non-Monetary Deprivation Indicators to Analyze Poverty and Social Exclusion: Lessons from Europe?
Social discounting under uncertainty: a cross country comparison
Building a Post-Carbon Economy
The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality
The Reality Game
Climate Change and the Economy: Myths Versus Reality
Green light for a Keynesian stimulus
A simple model of bipartite cooperation for ecological and organizational networks
Equity weighting and the marginal damage costs of climate change
Studies of the Limit Order Book around Large Price Changes
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Special Issue on Encompassing
Encompassing: Concepts and Implementation
Simulation Encompassing: Testing Non-nested Hypotheses
Guest Editors' Introduction to Special Issue on Encompassing
Not Sky High: We Can Dramatically Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Grow the Global Economy for Less Than We Think
Why Baby Boomers Will Need to Work Longer
Asymmetric Disassembly and Robustness in Declining Networks
German economic performance: disentangling the role of supply-side reforms, macroeconomic policy and coordinated economy institutions
Saving the planet: it’s down to business
Active and Passive Policies Against Poverty with Decreasing Employability
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A Conceptual Model of Investor Behavior
A new global deal on climate change