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Title Date
Inequality and ordinary living standards in rich countries
Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Rich Countries: Shared Challenges and Contrasting Fortunes
GDP Per Capita Versus Median Household Income: What Gives Rise to the Divergence Over Time and how does this Vary Across OECD Countries?
INET Briefing Note: Women Leading UK Employment Boom
Wealth, Top Incomes and Inequality
Children of austerity: impact of the great recession on child poverty in rich countries
Polarization or “Squeezed Middle” in the Great Recession?: A Comparative European Analysis of the Distribution of Economic Stress
The Great Recession and the changing intergenerational distribution of economic stress across income classes in Ireland: A comparative perspective
No. 2017-03 - Intergenerational class mobility in Europe: A new account and an old story
No. 2017-04 - Reducing Poverty and Inequality Through Tax-Benefit Reform and the Minimum Wage: The UK as a Case-Study
Job loss by wage level: lessons from the Great Recession in Ireland
Inequality and its discontents
No. 2016-03 - GDP per capita versus median household income: What gives rise to divergence over time?
Material Deprivation and Consumption
No. 2016-01 - Models, Regimes, and the Evolution of Middle Incomes in OECD Countries
No. 2015-04 - Hanging in, but only just: Part-time employment and in-work poverty through the crisis.
No. 2015-05 - Job Loss by Wage Level: Lessons from the Great Recession in Ireland
No. 2015-01 - Rising Income Inequality and Living Standards in OECD Countries: How Does the Middle Fare?
The Welfare State and Anti-Poverty Policy in Rich Countries
The Great Recession, Austerity and Inequality: Evidence from Ireland
Book launch - Inequality: What can be done?
Inequality, Economic Growth and Prosperity
The Economics of Disability
In French: L’indicateur EU2020 de Suivi de la Pauvreté et de L’exclusion : Une Analyse Critique
Crisis, response and distributional impact: the case of Ireland
Multidimensional poverty measurement in Europe: An application of the adjusted headcount approach
Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Thirty Countries’ Experiences
Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries: Analytical and Comparative Perspectives
In-Work Poverty
What Use is Social Investment?
In Spanish: Trabajadores Pobres
The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income
Analysing Intergenerational Influences on Income Poverty and Economic Vulnerability with EU-SILC
Wage Inequality in Ireland’s ‘Celtic Tiger’ Boom
Household Joblessness and its Impact on Poverty and Deprivation in Europe
Dimensions of housing deprivation for older people in Ireland
The Economic Crisis, Public Sector Pay, and the Income Distribution
Low Pay, In-Work Poverty and Economic Vulnerability: A Comparative Analysis Using EU-SILC
'We've never had it so good' - how does the world today compare to 1957?
The changing distribution of earnings in Ireland, 1937 to 1968
The EU and Social Inclusion: Facing the Challenges
Using Non-Monetary Deprivation Indicators to Analyze Poverty and Social Exclusion: Lessons from Europe?
The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality
Social Indicators: the EU and Social Inclusion
Resources, Deprivation, and Poverty