Items by research category: Economic Inequality

Title Date
INET Briefing Note: Women Leading UK Employment Boom
No. 2018-05 - Sifting through the ASHE: Job Polarisation and Earnings Inequality in the UK, 1975-2015
No. 2016-03 - GDP per capita versus median household income: What gives rise to divergence over time?
No. 2016-02 - Automation and the Welfare State: Technological Change as a Determinant of Redistribution Preferences
How to spread the wealth: Practical policies for reducing inequality
No. 2015-01 - Rising Income Inequality and Living Standards in OECD Countries: How Does the Middle Fare?
Income poverty, affluence and polarisation viewed from the median
Introduction: Income Distribution Today
Social Policy: Looking backward and looking forward
Inequality and Banking Crises: A First Look
Why is income inequality increasing in the developed world?
Unveiling the ethics behind inequality measurement: Dalton's contribution to economics.
Recent trends in inequality and poverty in developing countries
Inequality: What can be done?
Handbook of income distribution
Lectures on Public Economics
Inequality: What can be done?
Book launch - Inequality: What can be done?
Inequality and Crises Revisited
Monitoring the evolution of income poverty and real incomes over time
INET Oxford Highlights Report 2012-2014
Measuring Top Incomes and lnequality in the Middle East: Data Limitations and Illustration with the Case of Egypt
Recent Trends in Inequality in Developed Countries
The colonial legacy: Income inequality in former British African colonies
The long-run history of income inequality in Denmark
Tony Atkinson: Where is inequality headed?
Paul Krugman and Tony Atkinson in Conversation: Inequality and economic growth
Ensuring social inclusion in changing labour and capital markets.
Putting people first and macro-economic policy
High incomes and personal taxation in a developing economy: Colombia 1993-2010
The energy mix, carbon pricing and border carbon adjustments
Inequality debt and growth
Population, inequality and global justice
Prosperity and fairness
1st Annual Amartya Sen Lecture by Tony Atkinson