Items by research category: Economics of Sustainability

Title Date
Carbon price floor crucial
Trade, climate change and the political game theory of border carbon adjustments
Beinhocker and Hepburn on Climate Change - INET Berlin Conference
The Economic Analysis of Biodiversity: An Assessment
The surrender charge on international units in the Australian ETS
Carbon Trading: Unethical, Unjust and Ineffective?
The Australian Government’s proposals for a carbon pricing policy
A Stated Preference Investigation into the Chinese Demand for Farmed vs. Wild Bear Bile
Self-interested Low-carbon Growth in G-20 Emerging Markets
Action on Climate Change in Asia’s Self-Interest
Optimal harvesting of fish stocks under a time-varying discount rate
Thinking through the climate change challenge
Combining multiple climate policy instruments: how not to do it
Designing carbon markets, Part I: Carbon markets in time
Designing carbon markets, Part II: Carbon markets in space
International Air Travel and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Proposal for an Adaptation Levy
Ethics and discounting global warming damages
Behavioural Economics, Hyperbolic Discounting and Environmental Policy
Environmental policy, government and the market
An issue of trust: state corruption, responsibility and greenhouse gas emissions
Super solution to climate change
International Carbon Finance and the Clean Development Mechanism
Carbon taxes, emissions trading and hybrid schemes
The Global Deal on Climate Change
Introduction – The Economics and Politics of Climate Change
The Economics and Politics of Climate Change
Siblings, Not Triplets: Social Preferences for Risk, Inequality and Time in Discounting Climate Change
Social discounting under uncertainty: a cross country comparison
Green light for a Keynesian stimulus
Equity weighting and the marginal damage costs of climate change
Saving the planet: it’s down to business
Hepburn, C. (2008), Sydney Morning Herald, 1 September 2008.
A new global deal on climate change
Economics, ethics and climate change
Carbon trading: a review of the Kyoto mechanisms