Items by research category: Economics of Sustainability

Title Date
A new global deal on climate change
Economics, ethics and climate change
Carbon trading: a review of the Kyoto mechanisms
Recent advances in discounting: implications for forest economics
Valuing the far-off future: discounting and its alternatives
Regret theory and the tyranny of choice
Response to Defra consultation on voluntary carbon offsets
Ethics of the discount rate in the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
Use of Discount Rates in the Estimation of the Costs of Inaction with Respect to Selected Environmental Concerns
Implications of declining discount rates for UK climate change policy
Gamma discounting and expected net future value
IATAL — an outline proposal for an International Air Travel Adaptation Levy
Discounting climate change damages: Working note for the Stern review
Regulating by prices, quantities or both: an update and an overview
Auctioning of EU ETS Phase II allowances: why and how?’
Emissions, firm profits and market prices: the consequences from emissions trading
Discounting and the social cost of carbon: A closer look at uncertainty
Discounting the future: the long and the short of it
Credible carbon taxes
Clashing strategic cultures and climate policy
Time-inconsistent environmental policy and optimal delegation
Credible carbon policy
Valuing the future: recent advances in social discounting