Items by programme: Complexity Economics

Title Date
No. 2017-07 - Best reply structure and equilibrium convergence in generic games
No. 2018-6 - Models of Financial Stability and Their Application in Stress Tests
Less precision, more truth: Uncertainty in climate economics and macroprudential policy
No. 2018-04 - A New Interpretation of the Economic Complexity Index
No. 2018-03 - Economic Complexity and the Green Economy
Tipping points to the post-carbon society with Prof Doyne Farmer & Prof Cameron Hepburn
No. 2017-12 - Early identification of important patents through network centrality
ABCE: A Python Library for Economic Agent-Based Modeling
No. 2017-11 - The Tipping Point: How America Can Lead the Transition to a Prosperous Clean Energy Economy
Network Externalities and Compatibility Among Standards: A Replicator Dynamic and Simulation Analysis
No. 2017-09 - Wright meets Markowitz: How standard portfolio theory changes when assets are technologies following experience curves
No. 2017-06 - A taxonomy of learning dynamics in 2 × 2 games
Can bank-specific variables predict contagion effects?
No. 2017-05 - The prevalence of chaotic dynamics in games with many players
Common Asset Holdings and Stock Return Comovement
How well do experience curves predict technological progress? A method for making distributional forecasts
No. 2017-08 - How well do experience curves predict technological progress? A method for making distributional forecasts
How can we understand our complex economy?
Complexity: A New Approach to Economic Challenges
Long-run dynamics of the U.S. patent classification system
Trends of the World Input and Output Network of Global Trade
The Narrow and the Broad Approach to Evolutionary Modeling in Economics
Revealing the Anatomy of Vote Trading
Macroprudential policy in an agent-based model of the UK housing market
Agent-based computational demography and microsimulation using jas-mine
Are Specialists Special? The Case of Institutional Investors
The ecological and evolutionary energetics of hunter-gatherer residential mobility
JAS-mine: A new Java platform for agent-based and microsimulation modelling
Generalists and Specialists in the Credit Market
Has the Banking System Become More Homogeneous? Evidence from Banks’ Loan Portfolios
Technological novelty profile and invention’s future impact
Scaling and universality in urban economic diversification
Complexity Theory to Support Public Policy and Financial Regulation: Economic Policy Needs Network Analysis and Behavioral Modeling
Taming the Basel leverage cycle
How Predictable is Technological Progress?