Items by programme: Complexity Economics

Title Date
Agent-based models of the labor market (forthcoming)
Labour Market Flexibility in the Service Sector: Occupational Patterns in Post-Industrial Societies (forthcoming)
Is labor flexibility a substitute to offshoring? Evidence from Italian manufacturing
Stability Analysis of Financial Contagion due to Overlapping Portfolios
Imputing Individual Effects in Dynamic Microsimulation Models An Application to Household Formation and Labour Market Participation in Italy
Joint Liability Group Formation: Social and Economic Selection Mechanisms
Structural Embeddedness and Economic Performance in Microfinance
A simple generative model of collective online behavior
Discounting the Distant Future
Professional diversity and the productivity of cities
Invention as a Combinatorial Process: Evidence from U.S. Patents
The Structure of Social Collateral: Embeddedness and Economic Performance in Microfinance
Presentation to OECD - Capitalism Re-Defined
The Systematic Structure and Predictability of Urban Business Diversity
Leverage-induced Systemic Risk under Basle II and other Credit Risk Policies
Beinhocker on Reflexivity - INET Toronto 2014
The Geography and Carbon Footprint of Mobile Phone Use in Cote d’Ivoire
Tax Evasion in an Artificial Financial Market
Persistence of Social Signatures in Human Communication
An empirical behavioral model of price formation
Simulating the Synchronizing Behavior of High-Frequency Trading in Multiple Markets
Percolation in Multiplex Networks with Overlap
Next Generation Economy, Energy and Climate Modeling
Sequential Teamwork in Competitive Environments: Theory and Evidence from Swimming Data
Hypotheses Non Fingo: Problems with the Scientific Method in Economics
Reality Mining in Ecological Systems
The Distribution of the Number of Node Neighbors in Random Hypergraphs
Beinhocker Re-Thinking Economics - Tallberg Forum 2013
A Complexity Approach To The Italian Primary School-Size Distribution
Maritime Abnormality using Gaussian Processes
Soft Partitioning in Networks via Bayesian Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Indirect estimation of agent-based models. An application to a simple diffusion model.
The missing link: AB models and dynamic microsimulation
Weighted Projected Networks: Mapping Hypergraphs to Networks
Universal doomsday: analyzing our prospects for survival