Items by programme: Economic Modelling

Title Date
Causal transmission in reduced-form models
Why is income inequality increasing in the developed world?
Robust approaches to forecasting
Unveiling the ethics behind inequality measurement: Dalton's contribution to economics.
Numerical evaluation of the Gauss hypergeometric function by power summations
Economic possibilities for the new government: Some longer-run proposals
Professor Paul Krugman: Trying to make sense of the British economy
Recent trends in inequality and poverty in developing countries
Inequality: What can be done?
Econometric Models of Climate Systems: The Equivalence of Two-Component Energy Balance Models and Cointegrated VARs
The End of the Waterfall: Default Resources of Central Counterparties
Statistical Model Selection with Big Data
Lectures on Public Economics
Uniform Convergence Rates over Maximal Domains in Structural Nonparametric Cointegrating Regression
Inequality: What can be done?
Book launch - Inequality: What can be done?
Detecting Location Shifts During Model Selection by Step-indicator Saturation
Testing Competing Models of the Temperature Hiatus: Assessing the effects of conditioning variables and temporal uncertainties through sample-wide break detection
Estimating the Common Break Date in Large Factor Models
How Good are US government Forecasts of the Federal debt?
Are Professional Macroeconomic Forecasters Able To Do Better Than Forecasting Trends?
Mining big data by statistical methods
INET Oxford Highlights Report 2012-2014
Real-Time Factor Model Forecasting and the Effects of Instability
World CO2 Emission Intensity is Rising Faster than IPCC Scenarios Envisaged
2014 Forecast Scenarios for UK Mortgage Arrears and Possessions
apc: A package for age-period-cohort analysis
Identification issues in limited-information Bayesian analysis of structural macroeconomic models
Prediction Markets, Twitter and Bigotgate
On Fixing International Cricket Matches
Climate change: Lessons for our future from the distant past
Forecasting with Vector Autoregressive Models of Data Vintages: US Output Growth and Inflation
Assessing the Evidence of Macro-Forecaster Herding: Forecasts of Inflation and Output Growth
Asymptotic theory for cointegration analysis when the cointegration rank is deficient