Items by programme: Economic Modelling

Title Date
Introduction to Special Section on Exchange Rate Pass-through in Developing and Emerging Markets
Empirical Model Discovery and Theory Evaluation (2014 Book)
Semi-automatic Non-linear Model Selection
Why DSGEs crash during crises
David Hendry - Celebrating a career of impact
Identification and Forecasting in Mortality Models
Learning in a black box
Achieving pareto optimality through distributed learning
Forecast Uncertainty—Ex Ante and Ex Post: U.S. Inflation and Output Growth
Rapid Innovation Diffusion in Social Networks
Detecting Big Structural Breaks in Large Factor Models
Measuring Top Incomes and lnequality in the Middle East: Data Limitations and Illustration with the Case of Egypt
Unpredictability in Economic Analysis, Econometric Modeling and Forecasting
Economic fundamentals and Eurozone sovereign spreads: will the good news continue?
On the Accuracy and Efficiency of IMF Forecasts: A Survey and Some Extensions
How Likely is Contagion in Financial Networks?
Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Consumer Prices in South Africa: Evidence from Micro-Data
Exchange Rate Pass-through to Import Prices and Monetary Policy in South Africa
The real-wage productivity nexus
Model Selection in Under-Specified Equations with Breaks
US Inflation Expectations and Heterogeneous Loss Functions, 1968–2010
Probability Distributions or Point Predictions? Survey Forecasts of US Output Growth and Inflation
Exchange rate pass-through in developing and emerging markets: a survey of conceptual, methodological and policy issues, and selected empirical findings
Global income distribution: from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Great Recession
Stochastic evolutionary game dynamics
Climate science: Breaks in trends
Generalized indirect inference for discrete choice models
Wealth, Credit Conditions and Consumption: evidence from South Africa
New methods for forecasting inflation, applied to the USA
Mis-specification testing: Non-Invariance of expectations models of inflation
Fast Convergence in Evolutionary Equilibrium Selection
Co-summability: From linear to non-linear co-integration
Tony Atkinson: Where is inequality headed?
Step Indicator Saturation
Paul Krugman and Tony Atkinson in Conversation: Inequality and economic growth