Items by programme: Employment, Equity and Growth

Title Date
Inequality and ordinary living standards in rich countries
Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Rich Countries: Shared Challenges and Contrasting Fortunes
INET Oxford Summer Research Update 2018 - Slides
GDP Per Capita Versus Median Household Income: What Gives Rise to the Divergence Over Time and how does this Vary Across OECD Countries?
No. 2018-07 - Heterogeneities in adaptation to income - Comparative evidence from GSOEP and UKHLS
INET Briefing Note: Women Leading UK Employment Boom
No. 2018-05 - Sifting through the ASHE: Job Polarisation and Earnings Inequality in the UK, 1975-2015
Allocation of development assistance for health: Is the predominance of national income justified?
Wealth, Top Incomes and Inequality
No. 2017-14 - How has the middle fared in the netherlands? A tale of stagnation and population shifts
Children of austerity: impact of the great recession on child poverty in rich countries
The Great Recession and the changing intergenerational distribution of economic stress across income classes in Ireland: A comparative perspective
Polarization or “Squeezed Middle” in the Great Recession?: A Comparative European Analysis of the Distribution of Economic Stress
No. 2017-10 - The Chartbook of Economic Inequality
No. 2017-03 - Intergenerational class mobility in Europe: A new account and an old story
No. 2017-04 - Reducing Poverty and Inequality Through Tax-Benefit Reform and the Minimum Wage: The UK as a Case-Study
No. 2017-01 - Top wealth shares in the UK over more than a century
Income poverty, affluence and polarisation viewed from the median
Monitoring social inclusion in Europe
Giving up on the Joneses? The relationship between income inequality and status-seeking
Job loss by wage level: lessons from the Great Recession in Ireland
Report of the Commission on Global Poverty – Oxford Launch
Inequality and its discontents
No. 2016-06 - Top Incomes in South Africa Over a Century
No. 2016-05 - Top Incomes and the Gender Divide
Social class, employment status and inequality in psychological well-being in the UK: Cross-sectional and fixed effects analyses over two decades
No. 2016-03 - GDP per capita versus median household income: What gives rise to divergence over time?
No. 2016-02 - Automation and the Welfare State: Technological Change as a Determinant of Redistribution Preferences
Material Deprivation and Consumption
When is a Housing Market Overheated Enough to Threaten Stability?
The challenge of measuring UK wealth inequality in the 2000s
No. 2016-01 - Models, Regimes, and the Evolution of Middle Incomes in OECD Countries
Is solidarity less important and less functional in egalitarian contexts
Fiscal Welfare and Welfare State Reform: a research agenda
How Should Education Adapt In the Race Between Education and Technology?