Items by programme: Economics of Sustainability

Title Date
Looking back at social discount rates: effect of papers, presentations and personalities on policy
A modified impulse-response representation of the global response to carbon dioxide emissions
Bribes, bureaucracies, and blackouts: Towards understanding how corruption at the firm level impacts electricity reliability
A Simple Model of Cascades in Networks
Environmental Taxation, Inequality and Engel’s Law: The Double Dividend of Redistribution
The Economics of the EU ETS Market Stability Reserve
Climate Policy When Preferences Are Endogenous—and Sometimes They Are
No. 2016-04 - Climate policy when preferences are endogenous – and sometimes they are
Quantifying the value of investing in distributed natural gas and renewable electricity systems as complements: Applications of discounted cash flow and real options analysis with stochastic inputs
"The clean energy revolution: science and policy" with Prof Daniel Kammen
Facing the Challenge of Climate Change
The cumulative carbon budget and its implications
The ‘2°C capital stock’ for electricity generation: Committed cumulative carbon emissions from the electricity generation sector and the transition to a green economy
Path Dependence, Innovation and the Economics of Climate Change
Global warming: Shareholders must vote for climate-change mitigation
Trading Networks with Bilateral Contracts
Professor Cameron Hepburn: Disruptive Energy Technologies
Contributors to the Frequency of Intense Climate Disasters in Asia-Pacific Countries
A Third Wave in the Economics of Climate Change
Model Structure in Observational Constraints on Transient Climate Response
INET Oxford Highlights Report 2012-2014
Does the Social Cost of Carbon Matter? Evidence from US Policy
Path Dependence, Innovation and the Economics of Climate Change
Resilient and Inclusive Prosperity within Planetary Boundaries
WEF Ideas Lab: An Economic Model Inspired by Nature
Tracking sustainable development with a national barometer for South Africa using a downscaled “safe and just space” framework
Green Growth: An Assessment
Less Precision, More Truth: Uncertainty in Climate Economics and Macroprudential Policy
Social groups and social network formation
Nature in the Balance: The Economics of Biodiversity
Next Generation Economy, Energy and Climate Modeling
Permits to pollute can be bought too cheaply
Understanding the Effectiveness of Environmental Offset Policies
Benefit-cost analysis of non-marginal climate and energy projects