Items by programme: Economics of Sustainability

Title Date
WEF Ideas Lab: An Economic Model Inspired by Nature
Tracking sustainable development with a national barometer for South Africa using a downscaled “safe and just space” framework
Green Growth: An Assessment
Less Precision, More Truth: Uncertainty in Climate Economics and Macroprudential Policy
Understanding the Effectiveness of Environmental Offset Policies
Social groups and social network formation
Nature in the Balance: The Economics of Biodiversity
Next Generation Economy, Energy and Climate Modeling
Permits to pollute can be bought too cheaply
Benefit-cost analysis of non-marginal climate and energy projects
Prosperity with growth: Economic growth, climate change and environmental limits
Tackling unsustainable wildlife trade
Is this the end of carbon trading, or just a hiccup?
Analysis and control design of sustainable policies for greenhouse gas emissions
Economic instruments for climate change
Emissions trading with profit-neutral permit allocations
Intermediate inputs and economic productivity
How to get prosperity with growth (green growth that is)
Should the EU suspend its airline emissions charge?
Carbon Markets and Climate Policy in China: China’s pursuit of a clean energy future
Self-interested low-carbon growth in Brazil, China and India
Carbon price floor crucial
The energy mix, carbon pricing and border carbon adjustments
Trade, climate change and the political game theory of border carbon adjustments
Beinhocker and Hepburn on Climate Change - INET Berlin Conference
The Economics of Biodiversity
The economic analysis of biodiversity: an assessment
The surrender charge on international units in the Australian ETS
Carbon Trading: Unethical, Unjust and Ineffective?
The Australian Government’s proposals for a carbon pricing policy
A Stated Preference Investigation into the Chinese Demand for Farmed vs. Wild Bear Bile
Self-interested Low-carbon Growth in G-20 Emerging Markets
Action on Climate Change in Asia’s Self-Interest
Optimal harvesting of fish stocks under a time-varying discount rate