Title Date
The Economic Crisis, Public Sector Pay, and the Income Distribution
iGen 0.1: a program for the automated generation of models and parameterisations
iGen 0.1: the automated generation of a parameterisation of entrainment in marine stratocumulus
Una misura monetaria della precarietà dei lavoratori italiani.
General Equilibrium Theory and Public Finance
Forecasting in an Extended Chain-Ladder-Type Model
Low Pay, In-Work Poverty and Economic Vulnerability: A Comparative Analysis Using EU-SILC
Mapping the Toyota Supply Network: Implications for Resilience
Modeling Supply Networks: A Structural Analysis of the Toyota Supply Chain
House Prices and Credit Constraints: Making Sense of the US Experience
The Restoration of Welfare Economics
What Needs Rethinking in Macroeconomics?
Self-interested Low-carbon Growth in G-20 Emerging Markets
Cash Flow Simulation for a Model of Outstanding Liabilities Based on Claim Amounts and Claim Numbers
Evolution as computation: integrating self-organization with generalized Darwinism
On adding over-identifying instrumental variables to simultaneous equations
Behavioral Finance and Agent-Based Artificial Markets
Role of Design Complexity in Technology Improvement
A note on the relationship between top income shares and the Gini coefficient
Top Incomes in the Long Run of History
How Efficiency Shapes Market Impact.
Evaluating Automatic Model Selection
Econometric Modelling of Time Series with Outlying Observations
Action on Climate Change in Asia’s Self-Interest
Book Review: 'The macroprudential quandary: Review of ‘Balancing the Banks: Global Lessons from the Financial Crisis’'
Modelling and Forecasting with County Court Data: Regional Mortgage Possession Claims and Orders in England and Wales
The regional mortgage repossessions outlook: forecasting court orders for the regions of England and Wales
The regional mortgage possessions outlook: forecasting court orders for the regions of England and Wales
Optimal harvesting of fish stocks under a time-varying discount rate
Consumption, Land Prices and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Japan
Complex Dynamics in Learning Complicated Games
Heterogeneity, Correlations and Financial Contagion
Commentary: John Nash and Evolutionary Game Theory
Survey on Research Funding for the Social Sciences in Europe
Combining multiple climate policy instruments: how not to do it