Title Date
Contagious Synchronization and Endogenous Network Formation in Financial Networks
A simple generative model of collective online behavior
Professional diversity and the productivity of cities
Achieving pareto optimality through distributed learning
Unpredictability in Economic Analysis, Econometric Modeling and Forecasting
Economic fundamentals and Eurozone sovereign spreads: will the good news continue?
Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Consumer Prices in South Africa: Evidence from Micro-Data
Reflexivity, complexity, and the nature of social science
Why is Order Flow so Persistent?
Sensitive Dependence to Noise without Sensitive Dependence to Initial Conditions
Research Agenda in Financial Markets
Capitalism Re-Defined
Climate science: Breaks in trends
Sequential Teamwork in Competitive Environments: Theory and Evidence from Swimming Data
Wealth, Credit Conditions and Consumption: evidence from South Africa
New methods for forecasting inflation, applied to the USA
Mis-specification testing: Non-Invariance of expectations models of inflation
Benefit-cost analysis of non-marginal climate and energy projects
A Truer Form of Capitalism
Indirect estimation of agent-based models. An application to a simple diffusion model.
Is this the end of carbon trading, or just a hiccup?
Universal doomsday: analyzing our prospects for survival
Employment Growth through Labor Flow Networks
Analysis and control design of sustainable policies for greenhouse gas emissions
Mobility, fitness collection, and the breakdown of cooperation
(in Spanish) Las rentas altas en España: panorama histórico y evolución reciente
Sustainable revenue management: A smart card enabled agent-based modeling approach
Seconding the vote of thanks on the retrospective reading of "A return to an old paper: Tests of separate families of hypotheses by D.R. Cox"
Model Selection in Equations with Many ‘Small’ Effects
Some hazards in econometric modelling of climate change
Intermediate inputs and economic productivity
Recapitalization, credit and liquidity
The Mirrlees Review and the State of Public Economics
Model selection when there are multiple breaks
Improving forecasting in an emerging economy, South Africa: Changing trends, long run restrictions and disaggregation