Title Date
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Saving the planet: it’s down to business
Active and Passive Policies Against Poverty with Decreasing Employability
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A Conceptual Model of Investor Behavior
A new global deal on climate change
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Working conditions of an ageing workforce
The Carbon Productivity Challenge: Curbing Climate Change and Sustaining Economic Growth
Talkin’ Bout My Generation: The Economic Impact of Aging U.S. Baby Boomers
Power Laws in Economics and Elsewhere.
The Non-Random Walk of Stock Prices: The Long-Term Correlation between Signs and Sizes
The Virtues and Vices of Equilibrium and the Future of Financial Economics
A theory of aggregate market impact
Economics, ethics and climate change
Time Evolution of The Mutual Fund Size Distribution
The Physics of Information
How Markets Slowly Digest Changes in Supply and Demand
The Virtues and Vices of Equilibrium and the Future of Financial Economics
The Two Cultures of Wall Street
Lots of Money but Little Sex
Carbon trading: a review of the Kyoto mechanisms
An Empirical Behavioral Model of Liquidity and Volatility
L'importanza eonomica della cultura a Torino
The Origin of Wealth: The Radical Remaking of Economics and What it Means for Business and Society
Recent advances in discounting: implications for forest economics
Small-world networks and management science research: a review
Valuing the far-off future: discounting and its alternatives
Regret theory and the tyranny of choice
Exploring a new ExpAce: The Complementarities Between Experimental Economics and Agent-based Computational Economics
The Second Asia Shock
The World’s Next Big Spenders
The Bird of Gold: The Rise of India’s Consumer Market
Chaos in a 1-Dimensional Compressible Flow
Identifying the underlying structure and dynamic modifications in a voting network