Title Date
Inferring social network structure in ecological systems from spatio-temporal data streams
Testing for rational bubbles in a coexplosive vector autoregression
Non-Gaussian Price Dynamics and Implications for Options Pricing.
Reconsidering the effect of welfare stigma on unemployment.
Agent-based Computational Economics. A Short Introduction
Kernel density estimation for time series data
Superexponential Long-Term Trends in Information Technology. J. of Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Empirical Economic Model Discovery and Theory Evaluation (2011 Article)
Carbon Trading: Unethical, Unjust and Ineffective?
Inequality over the past century
Universal Laws and Economic Phenomena
The dynamics of high incomes over the last century
(in Spanish) La dinámica de la concentración del ingreso en países desarrollados y en desarrollo: Una perspectiva desde los altos ingresos.
The Australian Government’s proposals for a carbon pricing policy
Asymptotic Behavior of the Cusum of Squares Test under Stochastic and Deterministic Time Trends
Credit, housing collateral, and consumption: Evidence from Japan, the UK, and the US
A Stated Preference Investigation into the Chinese Demand for Farmed vs. Wild Bear Bile
Overlapping community detection using Bayesian non-negative matrix factorization
On not evaluating economic models by forecast outcomes
Revisiting UK consumers’ expenditure: cointegration, breaks and robust forecasts
Combining Disaggregate Forecasts or Combining Disaggregate Information to Forecast an Aggregate
Using Agentization for Exploring Firm and Labor Dynamics
Una misura monetaria della precarietà dei lavoratori italiani.
House Prices and Credit Constraints: Making Sense of the US Experience
The Restoration of Welfare Economics
What Needs Rethinking in Macroeconomics?
Self-interested Low-carbon Growth in G-20 Emerging Markets
Evolution as computation: integrating self-organization with generalized Darwinism
On adding over-identifying instrumental variables to simultaneous equations
Role of Design Complexity in Technology Improvement
A note on the relationship between top income shares and the Gini coefficient
How Efficiency Shapes Market Impact.
Evaluating Automatic Model Selection
Econometric Modelling of Time Series with Outlying Observations
Action on Climate Change in Asia’s Self-Interest