Working Papers

Title Date
On Fixing International Cricket Matches
Assessing the Evidence of Macro-Forecaster Herding: Forecasts of Inflation and Output Growth
The Evolution of Social Norms
Asymptotic theory for cointegration analysis when the cointegration rank is deficient
Deviance Analysis of Age-period-cohort Models
The Ecology and Energetics of Hunter-Gatherer Residential Mobility
Testing for Monotonicity under Endogeneity: An Application to the Reservation Wage Function
Joint Liability Group Formation: Social and Economic Selection Mechanisms
Structural Embeddedness and Economic Performance in Microfinance
Discounting the Distant Future
How to Improve the Financial Architecture and Its Resilience
Invention as a Combinatorial Process: Evidence from U.S. Patents
The Structure of Social Collateral: Embeddedness and Economic Performance in Microfinance
Learning in a black box
The Systematic Structure and Predictability of Urban Business Diversity
Measuring Top Incomes and lnequality in the Middle East: Data Limitations and Illustration with the Case of Egypt
The Structure of the Toyota Supply Network: An Empirical Analysis
The Colonial Legacy: Income Inequality in Former British African colonies
An empirical behavioral model of price formation
Global income distribution: from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Great Recession
Simulating the Synchronizing Behavior of High-Frequency Trading in Multiple Markets
A Stochastic Feedback Model for Volatility
Generalized indirect inference for discrete choice models
Sectoral Trends in Earnings Inequality and Employment: International Trade, Skill-biased Technological Change, or Labour Market Institutions?
Co-summability: From linear to non-linear co-integration
A Complexity Approach To The Italian Primary School-Size Distribution
Soft Partitioning in Networks via Bayesian Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Step Indicator Saturation
Ensuring social inclusion in changing labour and capital markets.
Putting people first and macro-economic policy
High incomes and personal taxation in a developing economy: Colombia 1993-2010
The Hypothesis of Urban Scaling: Formalization, Implications and Challenges
The Hypothesis of Urban Scaling: Formalization, Implications, and Challenges
Generalised empirical likelihood-based kernel density estimation
Bayesian one-mode projection for dynamic bipartite graphs