Title Date
Path Dependence, Innovation and the Economics of Climate Change
Climate change: Lessons for our future from the distant past
Constructing Cities, Deconstructing Scaling Laws
OurWorldInData – a new web publication by INET
Forecasting with Vector Autoregressive Models of Data Vintages: US Output Growth and Inflation
Institutions, Employment Insecurity and Polarization in Support for Unemployment Benefits
Is it the Income Distribution or Redistribution that Affects Growth?
Tracking sustainable development with a national barometer for South Africa using a downscaled “safe and just space” framework
Identification Using Stability Restrictions
Stability Analysis of Financial Contagion due to Overlapping Portfolios
Imputing Individual Effects in Dynamic Microsimulation Models An Application to Household Formation and Labour Market Participation in Italy
The limits to compensation in the financial sector
Anticipating early data revisions to US GDP and the effects of releases on equity markets
Understanding the Effectiveness of Environmental Offset Policies
Introduction to Special Section on Exchange Rate Pass-through in Developing and Emerging Markets
L’indicateur EU2020 de Suivi de la Pauvreté et de L’exclusion : Une Analyse Critique
Semi-automatic Non-linear Model Selection
Model Discovery and Trygve Haavelmo's Legacy
Why DSGEs crash during crises
Forecast Uncertainty—Ex Ante and Ex Post: U.S. Inflation and Output Growth
Crisis, response and distributional impact: the case of Ireland
Rapid Innovation Diffusion in Social Networks
Detecting Big Structural Breaks in Large Factor Models
Leverage-induced Systemic Risk under Basle II and other Credit Risk Policies
Information and Predictability: Bookmakers, Prediction Markets and Tipsters as Forecasters
Multidimensional poverty measurement in Europe: An application of the adjusted headcount approach
Social groups and social network formation
Recent Trends in Inequality in Developed Countries
Leiden LIS Sectoral Income Inequality Dataset
Inference and Forecasting in the Age–Period–Cohort Model
The Geography and Carbon Footprint of Mobile Phone Use in Cote d’Ivoire
On the Accuracy and Efficiency of IMF Forecasts: A Survey and Some Extensions
On the Accuracy and Efficiency of IMF Forecasts: A Survey and Some Extensions
How Likely is Contagion in Financial Networks?
Tax Evasion in an Artificial Financial Market