Title Date
The long-run history of income inequality in Denmark
Persistence of Social Signatures in Human Communication
Exchange Rate Pass-through to Import Prices and Monetary Policy in South Africa
The real-wage productivity nexus
Model Selection in Under-Specified Equations with Breaks
US Inflation Expectations and Heterogeneous Loss Functions, 1968–2010
Probability Distributions or Point Predictions? Survey Forecasts of US Output Growth and Inflation
Empirical Evidence on Inflation Expectations in the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
Exchange rate pass-through in developing and emerging markets: a survey of conceptual, methodological and policy issues, and selected empirical findings
What Use is Social Investment?
Tobin Lives: Integrating Evolving Credit Market Architecture into Flow of Funds Based Macro-Models
Retrospective on ‘Econometric Modelling: The Consumption Function in Retrospect
Wealth and Inheritance in Britain from 1896 to the Present
Percolation in Multiplex Networks with Overlap
Next Generation Economy, Energy and Climate Modeling
Conditional Eurobonds and the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis
Hypotheses Non Fingo: Problems with the Scientific Method in Economics
Reducing Income Inequality in Europe
Summability of Stochastic Processes: A Generalization of Integration for Non-linear Processes
EMU's Problems: Asymmetric Shocks or Asymmetric Behavior?
The Distribution of the Number of Node Neighbors in Random Hypergraphs
The Top 1 Percent in International and Historical Perspective
Fast Convergence in Evolutionary Equilibrium Selection
Trabajadores Pobres
Weighted Projected Networks: Mapping Hypergraphs to Networks
Outlier Detection in Regression Using an Iterated One-Step Approximation to the Huber-Skip Estimator
Using Model Selection Algorithms to Obtain Reliable Coefficient Estimate
Real-time Forecasting of Inflation and Output Growth with Autoregressive Models in the Presence of Data Revisions
An Ecological Perspective on the Future of Computer Trading
The Evolutionary Ecology of Technological Innovations
Statistical Basis for Predicting Technological Progress
Some Fallacies in Econometric Modelling of Climate Change: a comment on Beenstock et al., 2012
A Markov-switching Model with Component Structure for US GNP
Soviet power plus electrification: What is the long-run legacy of communism?
Growth and Institutions: A Review of the Evidence