Title Date
Soviet power plus electrification: What is the long-run legacy of communism?
Growth and Institutions: A Review of the Evidence
Getting the EU Back on Course
Impact-Adjusted Valuation and the Criticality of Leverage
Carbon Markets and Climate Policy in China: China’s pursuit of a clean energy future
Improving Real-Time Estimates of Output and Inflation Gaps With Multiple-Vintage Models
Sustainable revenue management: A smart card enabled agent-based modeling approach
When is a Housing Market Overheated Enough to Threaten Stability?
New forecast scenarios for UK mortgage arrears and possessions
Advection, Diffusion, and Delivery over a Network
Borders Redrawn: Measuring the Statistical Creation of International Trade
Credit Conditions and the Real Economy: The Elephant in the Room
Learning Efficient Nash Equilibria in Distributed Systems
Real Exchange Rate Adjustment, Wage-Setting Institutions, and Fiscal Stabilization Policy: Lessons of the Eurozone’s First Decade
The energy mix, carbon pricing and border carbon adjustments
Analysing Intergenerational Influences on Income Poverty and Economic Vulnerability with EU-SILC
Wage Inequality in Ireland’s ‘Celtic Tiger’ Boom
A Strategy-proof Test of Portfolio Returns
Inequality debt and growth
Inequality, Debt and Growth
Getting at Systemic Risk via an Agent-Based Model of the Housing Market
Forecasting by factors, by variables, by both or neither?
Improving forecast accuracy in an emerging economy, South Africa, by means of changing trends, long run restrictions and disaggregation
Obamanomics offers just what Osborne needs
Credit Standards and the Bubble in US House Prices: New Econometric Evidence
The surrender charge on international units in the Australian ETS
Charitable Giving for Overseas Development: UK Trends Over a Quarter Century
Monetary Policy, Wealth Effects and Housing
Household Joblessness and its Impact on Poverty and Deprivation in Europe
Dimensions of housing deprivation for older people in Ireland
Falling Back on Old Habits? A Comparison of the Social and Unemployment Crisis Reactive Policy Strategies in Germany, the UK and Sweden
The Case for Universal Child Benefit
General Equilibrium Theory and Public Finance
Forecasting in an Extended Chain-Ladder-Type Model
Low Pay, In-Work Poverty and Economic Vulnerability: A Comparative Analysis Using EU-SILC