Title Date
Prediction Markets, Twitter and Bigotgate
Path Dependence, Innovation and the Economics of Climate Change
Competing with the Dragon: Employment and Wage Effects of Chinese Trade Competition in 17 Sectors Across 18 OECD Countries
On Fixing International Cricket Matches
Climate change: Lessons for our future from the distant past
Constructing Cities, Deconstructing Scaling Laws
OurWorldInData – a new web publication by INET
Resilient and Inclusive Prosperity within Planetary Boundaries
Forecasting with Vector Autoregressive Models of Data Vintages: US Output Growth and Inflation
Assessing the Evidence of Macro-Forecaster Herding: Forecasts of Inflation and Output Growth
Institutions, Employment Insecurity and Polarization in Support for Unemployment Benefits
Is it the Income Distribution or Redistribution that Affects Growth?
The Evolution of Social Norms
Asymptotic theory for cointegration analysis when the cointegration rank is deficient
Tracking sustainable development with a national barometer for South Africa using a downscaled “safe and just space” framework
Agent-based models of the labor market (forthcoming)
Labour Market Flexibility in the Service Sector: Occupational Patterns in Post-Industrial Societies (forthcoming)
Is labor flexibility a substitute to offshoring? Evidence from Italian manufacturing
Deviance Analysis of Age-period-cohort Models
Unpredictability in economic analysis, econometric modeling and forecasting
Identification Using Stability Restrictions
Jointly optimal regulation of bank capital and maturity structure
Stability Analysis of Financial Contagion due to Overlapping Portfolios
Imputing Individual Effects in Dynamic Microsimulation Models An Application to Household Formation and Labour Market Participation in Italy
The Ecology and Energetics of Hunter-Gatherer Residential Mobility
Green Growth: An Assessment
Testing for Monotonicity under Endogeneity: An Application to the Reservation Wage Function
Joint Liability Group Formation: Social and Economic Selection Mechanisms
The limits to compensation in the financial sector
Capital Failure: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services
Contagious Synchronization and Endogenous Network Formation in Financial Networks
Anticipating early data revisions to US GDP and the effects of releases on equity markets
Less Precision, More Truth: Uncertainty in Climate Economics and Macroprudential Policy
Understanding the Effectiveness of Environmental Offset Policies
Introduction to Special Section on Exchange Rate Pass-through in Developing and Emerging Markets