Title Date
From Made in China to Sold in China: The Rise of the Chinese Urban Consumer
IATAL — an outline proposal for an International Air Travel Adaptation Levy
Discounting and the social cost of carbon: A closer look at uncertainty
The 3-Equation New Keynesian Model --- A Graphical Exposition
Discounting the future: the long and the short of it
Credible carbon taxes
Don’t Let New Rules Create New Corporate Problems
Clashing strategic cultures and climate policy
A Minimum of Rivalry: Evidence from Transition Economies on the Importance of Competition for Innovation and Growth
I Costi Esterni dei Trasporti nell’Area Metropolitana di Torino
Credible carbon policy
Finance, investment, and growth
Valuing the future: recent advances in social discounting
Towards an Identification of Regional Systems of Innovation
Learning from the CIS-2: Methodological recommendations, and research and policy implications
Robust Adaptive Strategy
Business School Case: B&B Enterprises
Business School Case: Worlds of Wonder
Business School Case: Techsonic Industries, Inc.: Humminbird – New Products
Future emissions pathways consistent with limiting warming to 1.5C
European Emissions Trading Scheme
Assessing corporate transitions to a net-zero carbon economy through the Net Zero Identity
Adaptive climate policy and the future of fossil fuels