Title Date
Building upon foundations for evidence-based policy
Sensitive intervention points in the post-carbon transition
Intergenerational class mobility in Europe: A new account
Card forecasts for M4
Perpetual learning and apparent long memory
A more powerful subvector Anderson-Rubin test in linear instrumental variables regression
Pass-Through as a Test for Market Power: An Application to Solar Subsidies
Solar photovoltaic self-consumption in the UK residential sector: New estimates from a smart grid demonstration project
Rising Income Inequality and Living Standards in OECD Countries: How Does the Middle Fare?
Policy Brief—Encouraging Innovation that Protects Environmental Systems: Five Policy Proposals
Rebuilding macroeconomic theory (Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Special Issue)
Reducing poverty and inequality through tax-benefit reform and the minimum wage: the UK as a case-study
Tony Atkinson and his Legacy
Deciding between alternative approaches in macroeconomics
Anticipating Early Data Revisions to US GDP and the Effects of Releases on Equity Markets
Uniform convergence rates over maximal domains in structural nonparametric cointegrating regression
Forget about Rational Expectations
Learning can generate long memory
Bargaining and wage rigidity in a matching model for the US
The sea isn't actually 'level': Why rising oceans will hit some cities more than others
Granger Causality
Evaluating Multi-Step System Forecasts with Relatively Few Forecast-error Observations
Sir Clive W.J. Granger: Contributions to Nonlinear Time Series and Econometrics
Atkinson's Inequality: What Can Be Done?
Coastal sea level rise with warming above 2?C
Evaluating multi-step system forecasts with relatively few forecast-error observations
Spatial heterogeneity of climate change as an experiential basis for skepticism
Relative sea-level data from southwest Scotland constrain meltwater-driven sea-level jumps prior to 8.2 kyr BP event
A probabilistic approach to 21st century regional sea-level projections using RCP and Upper-limit scenarios
A simple benchmark for mesothelioma projection for Great Britain
Forecasting Elections
Prediction Markets, Social Media and Information Efficiency
Detecting Volcanic Eruptions in Temperature Reconstructions by Designed Break-Indicator Saturation
Improving the teaching of econometrics
Analysis of the Forward Search using some new results for martingales and empirical processes