Title Date
Institutions and Economic Reforms
Ethics and discounting global warming damages
Behavioural Economics, Hyperbolic Discounting and Environmental Policy
Environmental policy, government and the market
Advances in Cognitive Systems
Delocalizzazione produttiva e mix occupazionale
Doyne Farmer on Networks and Systemic Risk - INET Annual Conference 2010
How empirical evidence does or does not influence economic thinking and theory
The Distribution of Top Earnings in the UK Since the Second World War
What Drives Mutual Fund Asset Concentration?
Obama Focusing on Wrong Energy
Regime shifts in stock–flow I(2)–I(1) systems: the case of US fiscal sustainability
Taking Stock: The Emissions Level Implied by Pledges to the Copenhagen Accord
An issue of trust: state corruption, responsibility and greenhouse gas emissions
Historical Costs of Coal-Fired Electricity and Implications for the Future
The Cause of Universality in Growth Fluctuations.
Supporting Information — The Cause of Universality in Growth Fluctuations.
Universal Behavior of Extreme Price Movements in Stock Markets
Super solution to climate change
Model for Non-Gaussian Intraday Stock Returns
George Soros discusses new economic thinking
Market Impact and Trading Profile of Hidden Orders in Stock Markets
International Carbon Finance and the Clean Development Mechanism
Carbon taxes, emissions trading and hybrid schemes
The Global Deal on Climate Change