Title Date
The Long Memory of the Efficient Market
On the Origin of Power Law Tails in Price Fluctuations
Credible carbon policy
Statistical Theory of the Continuous Double Auction
Finance, investment, and growth
Valuing the future: recent advances in social discounting
The Real Value of Strategic Planning
An Analysis of Price Impact Function in Order-Driven Markets
Forward to Brownian Agents and Active Particles
The Power of Patience: A Behavioral Regularity in Limit Order Placement
Single Curve Collapse of the Price Impact Function for the New York Stock Exchange
Optimal Design, Robustness, and Risk Aversion.
Social Indicators: the EU and Social Inclusion
Chaos in Learning a Simple Two Person Game
Quantitative Model of Price Diffusion and Market Friction Based on Trading as a Mechanistic Random Process
How storing supply and demand affects price diffusion
Tired of Strategic Planning?
Market Force, Ecology and Evolution
The Price Dynamics of Common Trading Strategies
Towards an Identification of Regional Systems of Innovation
Learning from the CIS-2: Methodological recommendations, and research and policy implications
Toward Agent-Based Models for Investment
Robust Adaptive Strategy
Le capacità linguistiche degli immigrati e le richieste del mercato del lavoro in Germania.
Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 1