Beyond GDP: A Post-Crisis Agenda for Measuring Government Performance

Date: 02 September 2013

In the aftermath of the 2008 crash this book addresses a deceptively simple question: what is to be done? The authors make the case for a new, post-crisis settlement harnessing the dynamic traditions of social liberalism and social democracy as the foundation for progressive reforms geared towards alleviating the crisis’ aftershocks and addressing the deep-seated structural challenges afflicting western capitalist democracies.

Tony Atkinson

Employment, Equity and Growth

Beyond GDP: A Post-crisis Agenda for Measuring Government Performance

Type: paper

ISBN: 978-1780767642

Atkinson, T. (2013). 'Beyond GDP: A post-crisis agenda for measuring government performance'. In O. Cramme, P. Diamond & M. McTernan (Eds.) "Progressive Politics after the Crash". London: I. B. Tauris.

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