General Equilibrium Theory and Public Finance

Date: 01 June 2011

This book brings contributions from the likes of Kenneth Arrow, Alan Kirman, Richard Posner, Amartya Sen and Robert Solow to share their thoughts and reflections on the theoretical heritage of Léon Walras. Some authors reminisce on the part they played in the development of modern general economics theory; others reflect on the crucial part played by general equilibrium in the development of macroeconomics, microeconomics, growth theory, welfare economics and the theory of justice; others still complain about the wrong path economic theory took under the influence of post 1945 developments in general equilibrium theory.

Tony Atkinson

Employment, Equity and Growth

General Equilibrium Theory and Public Finance

Type: paper

Atkinson, A.B. (2011). 'General equilibrium theory and public finance'. In P. Bridel (Ed.) "General equilibrium analysis: A century after Walrus". London: Routledge. Chapter 8.

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