Chaos in a 1-Dimensional Compressible Flow

Date: 23 April 2007

We study the dynamics of a one-dimensional discrete flow with open boundaries—a series of moving point particles connected by ideal springs. These particles flow towards an inlet at constant velocity, pass into a region where they are free to move according to their nearest neighbor interactions, and then pass an outlet where they travel with a sinusoidally varying velocity. As the amplitude of the outlet oscillations is increased, we find that the resident time of particles in the chamber follows a bifurcating ??Feigenbaum?? route to chaos. This irregular dynamics may be related to the complex behavior of many particle discrete flows or is possibly a low-dimensional analogue of nonstationary flow in continuous systems.

Austin Gerig Alfred Hubler

Complexity Economics

Financial System Stability Risk and Resilience

Chaos in a 1-Dimensional Compressible Flow

Type: journal

Chaos in a 1-Dimensional Compressible Flow. A. Gerig and A. Hubler, (2007), Phys. Rev. E, 75, 045202(R).

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