Labour Market Shortages in the European Union

Date: 01 March 2015

This study, provided by Policy Department A to the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, gives an overview of labour shortages, looking at their types and causes, their occurrence within the EU-28 and possible measures to counter them. It finds that there are no overall quantitative shortages at EU-28 level in the wake of the economic crisis, but qualitative shortages, especially relating to skills shortages and mismatch, occur in several regions, sectors, occupations and Member States. Employers and Member States are the prime actors to counter labour shortages effectively, but the EU can play an important supporting role through its influence on intra-EU mobility, by increasing the transparency of the labour market and by using its structural funds as supportive frameworks.

Marii Paskov Dafne Reyman Maarten Gerard Paul De Beer Anja Meierkord Valentina Di Stasio Vicky Donlevy Ian Atkinson Agnieszka Mukulec Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger Hedwig Lutz

Employment, Equity and Growth

Labour Market Shortages in the European Union

Type: paper

Reymen, D., Gerard, M., De Beer, P., Meierkord, A., Paskov, M., Di Stasio, ... Lutz, H. (2015). ‘Labour Market Shortages in the European Union’. European Parliament Report. Retrieved from

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