No. 2015-02 - Have UK Earnings Distributions Polarised?

Date: 21 December 2015

The occupational structure of many labour markets has shifted away from middle earning routine work (Goos and Manning, 2007). This polarisation phenomenon raises the question about the consequences for earnings distributions – a polarised workforce should be, all things being equal, increase the incidence of high pay and low pay and raise earnings inequality. However, if the wage structure changes, the implications are less clear. This paper examines earnings data in the UK between 1987 and 2012 and argues that recent occupational shifts do not necessarily lead to a polarisation of earnings.

Craig Holmes Ken Mayhew

Employment, Equity and Growth

No. 2015-02 - Have UK Earnings Distributions Polarised?

Type: inet-working-paper

Holmes, C. & Mayhew, K. (2015). 'Have UK earnings distributions polarised?'. INET Oxford Working Paper No. 2015-02.

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