Reforming the EU ETS – Where are we now?

Date: 01 August 2017

The European Union (EU) faces critical challenges in energy policy making, the most pressing of which are how to achieve the deep greenhouse gas reductions promised at the December 2015 UN Conference of the Parties in Paris, and how this effort can be coordinated with already existing policies. Energy policy is primarily a member state responsibility, and policy makers need an overarching view of the main issues in energy policy and their interaction with environmental policies. This volume aims to fill this need, offering concise introductions to some of the major issues as well as practical suggestions for policy making.

Cameron Hepburn Alexander Teytelboym

Economics of Sustainability

Reforming the EU ETS – Where are we now

Type: paper

Hepburn, C. & Teytelboym, A. (2017). ‘Reforming the EU ETS – Where are we now?’. In Parry, Pittel & Vollebergh (Eds.) "Energy Tax and Regulatory Policy in Europe: Reform Priorities". London: MIT Press.

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