No. 2016-05 - Top Incomes and the Gender Divide

Date: 07 October 2016

In the recent research on top incomes, there has been little discussion of gender. How many of the top 1 and 10 per cent are women? A great deal is known about gender differentials in earnings, but how far does this carry over to the distribution of total incomes, bringing self-employment and capital income into the picture? We investigate the gender divide at the top of the income distribution using tax record data for a sample of eight countries with individual taxation. We show that women are under-represented at the top of the distribution. They account for between a fifth and a third of those in the top 10 per cent. Higher up the income distribution, the proportion is lower, with women constituting between 14 and 22 per cent of the top 1 per cent. The presence of women in the top income groups has generally increased over time, but the rise becomes smaller at the very top. As a result, the gradient ...

Tony Atkinson Sarah Voitchovsky A Casarico

Employment, Equity and Growth

No. 2016-05 - Top Incomes and the Gender Divide

Type: inet-working-paper

Atkinson, A.B., Casarico, A. & Voitchovsky, S. (2016). 'Top Incomes and the Gender Divide'. INET Oxford Working Paper No. 2016-05.

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