Material Deprivation and Consumption

Date: 01 May 2016

This article examines material deprivation and consumption in relation to poverty. In a developing country context, manifest material deprivation and inadequate levels of consumption have always been central to the conceptualization of poverty and living standards. Direct measures of failure to meet “basic needs” are widely used alongside income-based measures such as the World Bank’s “dollar a day” standard. In contrast, both research and official poverty monitoring in rich countries tend to rely on household income. This article begins with a review of recent research on material ...

Brian Nolan Christopher T. Whelan B. Kus

Employment, Equity and Growth

Material Deprivation and Consumption

Type: paper

Kus, B., Nolan, B. & Whelan, C.T. (2016). 'Material Deprivation and Consumption'. In D. Brady & L. Burton (Eds.) "The Oxford Handbook of The Social Science of Poverty". New York: Oxford University Press. pp.577-601.

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