Health care budgeting in the Netherlands

Date: 01 January 2015

This chapter describes how the Netherlands implemented a unique system of regulated competition within healthcare in 2006. It analyses to what extent this system has managed to contain costs, and explores whether three preconditions and two budgeting principals for cost containment in a system of regulated competition are met in the Netherlands. It presents the effects of the 2006 reform on the instruments available to the government to contain costs, and in particular, the effects of the important time-lag between overspending and possible corrective measures. It gives a preliminary assessment of the results in the reform.

Stefan Thewissen Patrick Jeurissen Gijs van der Vlugt

Employment, Equity and Growth

Health care budgeting in the Netherlands

Type: paper

Thewissen, S., Jeurissen, P. and van der Vlugt, G. (2015). 'Health care budgeting in the Netherlands'. In OECD Report "Fiscal sustainability of health systems: Bridging health and finance perspectives". Paris: OECD Publishing.

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