Green Growth

Date: 26 October 2017

Building on the success of the first edition, this volume offers a radically revised, updated, and broader approach to economic geography. With the backdrop of the global financial crisis, finance is investigated in chapters on financial stability, financial innovation, global financial networks, the global map of savings and investments, and financialization. Environmental challenges are addressed in chapters on resource economies, vulnerability of regions to climate change, carbon markets, and energy transitions. Distribution and consumption feature alongside more established topics on the firm, innovation, and work. The handbook also captures the theoretical and conceptual innovations of the last fifteen years, including evolutionary economic geography and the global production networks approach. Addressing the dangers of ...

Cameron Hepburn Alexander Teytelboym Alexander Pfeiffer

Economics of Sustainability

Green Growth

Type: paper

Hepburn, C., Pfeiffer, A. & Teytelboym, A. (2018). ‘Green Growth’. In G.L. Clark, M.P. Feldman, M.S. Gertler, & D. Wójcik (Eds.) "Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography". Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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