No. 2017-10 - The Chartbook of Economic Inequality

Date: 18 May 2017

Now published online here: The Chartbook summarizes the evidence about long-run changes in five different dimensions of economic inequality – overall and top income inequality, poverty, earnings dispersion, and wealth inequality – for 25 countries covering more than one hundred years. The evidence represents an update and extension of the work done by Atkinson and Morelli (2014). The results are presented in 25 charts, one for each country, together with a full description of the method and sources. Series, sources and graphs can be downloaded at

Tony Atkinson Max Roser Salvatore Morelli Joe Hasell

Employment, Equity and Growth

No. 2017-10 - The Chartbook of Economic Inequality

Type: inet-working-paper

Atkinson, A.B., Hasell, J., Morelli, S. & Roser, M. (2017). 'The Chartbook of Economic Inequality'. INET Oxford Working Paper No. 2017-10.

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