Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 1

Date: 24 May 2000

The introduction and subsequent 14 chapters of this Handbook cover in detail all these new developments, insisting at the same time on how they tie with the previous literature on income distribution. The overall perspective is intentionally broad. As with landscapes, adopting various points of view on a given issue may often be the only way of perceiving its essence or reality. Accordingly, income distribution issues in the various chapters of this volume are considered under their theoretical or their empirical side, under a normative or a positive angle, in connection with redistribution policy, in a micro or macro-economic context, in different institutional settings, at various point of space, in a historical or contemporaneous perspective.

Tony Atkinson F Bourguignon

Employment, Equity and Growth

Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 1

Type: book

ISBN: 9780444816313

Atkinson, A.B. & Bourguignon, F. (Eds.) (2000). 'Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 1'. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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