Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 2

Date: 13 July 2015

This volume of the Handbook aims to cover the advances made in the past 15 years in our understanding of the extent, causes, and consequences of inequality. In this respect, the second volume should be seen as complementing, not supplanting, the first volume. We have encouraged authors to concentrate on the developments that have taken place since 2000, and the chapters should be read in conjunction with those in volume I. In this Introduction, we give a flavor of the issues discussed and some personal reflections on the state of the subject.

Tony Atkinson Fran├žois Bourguignon

Employment, Equity and Growth

Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 2

Type: book

ISBN: 978-0-444-59430-3

Atkinson, A.B & Bourguignon, F. (Eds.) (2015). 'Handbook of Income Distribution - Vol 2'. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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