INET Briefing Note: Women Leading UK Employment Boom

Date: 28 February 2018

The 2008 Financial Crisis and subsequent recession impacted severely on employment in the UK, but the numbers in employment have now soared to new heights. Over the 10 years from late 2007 to late 2017, total employment has grown by over 2.5 million, making the UK an outstanding performer internationally in those terms. Female employment accounted for 58% of this employment growth, and three-quarters of the additional hours of work are being worked by women. This little remarked-on aspect of Britain’s strong jobs performance has major implications for the future. Male employment was harder hit by the onset of the crisis, as it has been in previous recessions, with the employment rate for men falling rapidly from 79% to 75%, whereas the female employment rate fell only from 67% to 65%. The overall employment rate for men has now recovered to its pre-Crisis level, but the rate for women has reached 71%, an all-time high. This narrowing gender gap in employment rates reflects ...

Brian Nolan Matteo Richiardi Filippo Cartiglia

Employment, Equity and Growth

Economic Growth and Innovation Economic Inequality

INET Oxford Briefing Note: Women Leading UK Employment Boom

Type: paper

Richiardi, M., Nolan, B. & Cartiglia, F. (2018). 'Women Leading UK Employment Boom'. Oxford: INET Oxford Briefing Note. Retrieved from

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