Dr Linus Mattauch, Deputy Director of the Economics of Sustainability Programme at INET Oxford, was made a member of the "Econonomics for Inclusive Prosperity Network". This is a high-level network of academic economists committed to an inclusive economy and society, founded by Suresh Naidu, Dani Rodrik and Gabriel Zucman. Mattauch is the first non-US based economist to become a member of this network. He was awarded membership for publishing a policy brief on public support for carbon pricing.

In the essay, jointly written with David Klenert of the Joint Research Centre of the European Comission, Mattauch argues that framing a carbon tax reform around tangible benefits can enhance political support for stricter climate change mitigation. The essay assesses the political difficulties in designing successful carbon pricing reforms. It explains how certain countries were successful at introducing high carbon prices and what can be learned from these cases for making progress with climate change mitigation globally.

The essay can be accessed here.