We are glad to inform you that our colleagues Salvatore Morelli and Max Roser, in collaboration with the late Sir Tony Atkinson, and Joe Hasell, have just created the new 2017 version of the Chartbook of Economic Inequality.
The Chartbook is a unique data resource providing long-run evidence about 5 different dimensions of economic inequality in 25 countries, covering the period from 1900 up to the most recent figure. For each country there is a single graph, with information about overall income inequality, top income shares, poverty, earnings dispersion and wealth concentration. As an example, we have included an interactive chart showing how economic inequality has changed in the UK at the bottom of this page.
The New Chartbook as well as the underlying data and sources, the interactive visualizations, are freely available from the website

The Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School has also printed out a limited amount of bounded copies of the Chartbook. Please contact the authors if you would like to get a free copy (limited in numbers).