The CORE curriculum development effort, led by Prof. Wendy Carlin, funded by INET and based at INET Oxford, launched its new course this autumn at universities in London, Paris, New York, Boston, Budapest, Sydney, and Bangalore. This is the first semester that the beta version of the new interactive e-textbook developed by CORE will be taught. The material has been created by a group of faculty drawn from around the world and with significant input from students. The new course offers a wider variety of tools and perspectives than typically taught in traditional courses, re-introduces important perspectives from economic history, and shows how economics is relevant to major societal challenges, such as understanding the causes of financial crises or tackling climate change. The CORE team is continuing to develop and add to the material, which will be available for free as an open source resource, and will incorporate feedback from faculty and students in the first year of teaching. The effort has attracted significant media attention, including this article and editorial page leader in the Financial TImes.
For more information see the CORE website.